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Here's visual shit I made for your eyes to see.

There seems to be a huge clash of opinions between Disney's newly unveiled ride, which is replacing fan-favorite Tower of Terror. I'm sort of in a grey area because the pros and cons seem to be at a 50/50 balance.

Let's take a look at the pros first. This is the first Marvel attraction to be bought to the US, the first Marvel attraction to ever be built was Iron Man Experience in Hong Kong Disneyland, which is currently in testing phase. The conceptual art for the interior looks good, and Guardians was a decent movie, so I can expect a well placed experience being put off to the guests. It is also confirmed that this ride is canon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I have some high expectations after seeing some recent attractions done by Disney that looked absolutely stunning, such as Shanghai's Pirates of the Caribbean and the animatronic work on Frozen ever After.

Now let's take a look at the cons. The most common complaint is that it looks ugly. I've read numerous comments that said it looks like a "butchered Tower of Terror with Tomorrowland '98 puke on it", and that one of the imagineers literally described it as an "oil refinery" while calling it beautiful. There's also the fact that once Disney started to prime California Adventure's theme with California themed lands such as Cars Land and the Grizzly Peak expansion, it is instantly broken by remodelling the largest structure in the park to some out of place science fiction tower. This "butchered Tower of Terror with Tomorrowland '98 puke on it" is going to be seen nearly everywhere in the park, and maybe even outside the park, and really clash with California's theme. The ride itself isn't even properly themed to California, and it seems like removing the clear, obvious "Hollywood Tower Hotel" sign on it was a mistake. If something like this continues, California Adventure might be panned again with harsh reviews like from it's opening.

Florida's Tower of Terror as seen from World Showcase's entrance at Epcot.

Now i've heard two rumors of the fate of Florida's Tower of Terror. Disney clearly doesn't want to pay royalty fees for Twilight Zone's rights anymore if these are true. One rumor is that the theme of the Twilight Zone will be removed, and the ride will still have a similar storyline and have it's own original ideas, without any reference to the Twilight Zone. The second is that Florida will be given the same treatment as California, which would actually be really bad, considering Tower's appearance is vital for other appearances around it's general area, it is notable for blending in the background of Epcot's Morocco Pavilion with it's tan-red color scheme. If it is as simply recolored, guests staying at Epcot will clearly see the clashing attraction sticking out of Morocco. That being said, I really hope the third rumor or first rumor is true. The third rumor is Guardians will replace Universe of Energy by the way, which to me is a better fit than shoehorning it in Hollywood.


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